"Friends of Fr. Joseph Aveni"

"Friends of Fr. Joseph Aveni" -devotion to Mary. We should be devoted to the Holy Rosary. The most concrete form of this devotion is the perfect consecration to Mary… Pope John Paul II said that the Holy Rosary for him is a daily encounter with our Lady. The Holy Rosary is a very powerful weapon against evil. The Church encyclical “Marialis Cultus” calls the rosary the compendium of the entire Gospel. We can pray the Rosary in three ways: (1) By contemplating the mysteries, (2) by reflecting on the words of the Hail Mary, and (2) by looking at Mary. Our whole life should be permeated with the love of Mary. (Excerpt from an Conferences given to the Sisters of Sacred Heart of Ragusa, Merville-Parañaque City)

Dearest everyone,  Here is the 5th Issue of the "Friends of Fr. Joseph Aveni" for this month of May, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our dear Fr. Aveni continues to pray for us to God and to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  God bless you all! Fr. Jessie  

Carissimi, Ecco il 5° numero del volantino per gli "Amici di P. Giuseppe Aveni" in questo mese di maggio, dedicato alla Beata Vergine Maria. Il nostro caro P. Aveni continua a pregare per ciascuno di noi a Dio e alla Beata Vergine Maria. Dio vi benedica tutti! ​P. Jessie ​

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