CONVERSATIONS ON FORMATION. Online ongoing formation in English

The Sector on Religious Life, Formation and Vocation Ministry is organizing for the Academic Year 2021-2022 a series of CONVERSATIONS ON FORMATION in English every last Tuesday of the month using the Zoom platform. The first one is scheduled for July 27, 2021.
The initiative was provoked by the context of the continuing pandemic. Many courses of ongoing formation for vocation animators and formators in circumscriptions did not push through due to the restrictions to gatherings and travels. Some English-speaking circumscriptions have requested such online conferences.
The ten monthly Zoom meetings intend to be a forum to discuss matters concerning vocation promotion and formation. It is open to both formators and religious in initial formation. It is called Conversations because they are not magisterial lessons but venues for exchanges of ideas and sharing of experiences and practices (not necessarily the “best practices” but “good practices”) among Rogationists engaged in formation, from which one can learn and grow as formators and religious.
Each conversation runs for two hours, with a break in the middle. The first part is a presentation on a particular topic which serves as stimuli for the second part which is dedicated to the open forum. The approach of the presentations is “pedagogical”, that is, to elaborate on the “how”, rather than on the “what”. 
Due to time zone differences, the conversations are recorded and will be made available for later viewing.
For queries, email Fr. Jose Maria Ezpeleta (

Zoom meeting invitation for July 27, 2021, GMT +2.
Topic: Liturgy and Spirituality. Pedagogical and formative dimensions
Meeting ID: 983 9204 3251
Passcode: 472216
Below are the topics, dates, and times of the Conversations.

Conversations on Formation AY2021-2022
Platform: Zoom meeting
Time:        9.00 - 11.00 GMT                  
2.00am   - 4.00am USA (PDT),
4.00am - 6.00am Mexico, Colombia
6.00am   - 8.00am Canada (ADT)
10.00am - 12.00pm Cameroon, UK
11.00am - 1.00pm Italy (GMT +2), Rwanda, France
2.30pm   - 4.30pm India, Sri Lanka
4.00pm   - 6.00pm Vietnam
5.00pm   - 7.00pm Philippines, Indonesia
7.00pm   - 9.00pm Australia EST, PNG
Moderator: Fr. Jose Maria Ezpeleta RCJ
Dates and Topics
July 27, 2021: Liturgy and Spirituality. Pedagogical and formative dimensions
Aug 31, 2021: Resources. Rogationist Literature
Sep 28, 2021: Vocation promotion. Fundamental elements
Oct 26, 2021: Vocation discernment & assessment 1. Screening
Nov 30, 2021: Vocation discernment & assessment 2. Continuing processes
Dec 28, 2021: Formation Community 1. Roles of formation team members
Jan 11, 2022: Formation Community 2. Life project
Feb 22, 2022: Intercultural community living
Mar 22, 2022: Interiorized formation. Formation to values
Apr 26, 2022: Integrated formation. Putting pieces together

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