The second day of the General Assembly of STQP

The second day of the General Assembly began with Morning Prayer and Holy Mass followed. Fr Babu Muringayil presided over the concelebrated Holy Eucharist and gave a short reflection on the need to nurture our Faith. The session proper of the day began with the inspirational Reflection given by Fr. Jaison Vadakkan Capuchin.  He emphasized the importance of ‘growing faith and vibrant fraternal Joy’ in our religious communities as well as the prominence of ‘being over doing in religious houses. After a short break, the session continued with the reading of the Quasi Province Directory. At the end of morning session the directors and responsible of Rogationist Academy, Rog-Taste Bakery, Rogate Empowerment Centre, Rogate Charity Centre, Vocation promotions, MoRD, Benefactors Office, Tailoring Centre, Development Office updated the assembly about their respective sectors. Assembly further proceeded with the intervention of Fr. Saji Kappikuzhi who presented the guidelines for the preparations personal and community life projects. The further reading of QP Directory continued. The session adjourned for dinner and after the dinner the local treasures had meeting with the Quasi province Treasurer.