Licentiate Theses for the Academic Year 2020-2021

The Academic Year 2020-2021 concluded with three confreres in specialization residing at the General Curia in Rome completing their licentiate programs.   

Fr. Breynard Peji, a Filipino belonging to the Saint Matthew Province, completed his licentiate in Canon Law at the Lateran Pontifical University. His thesis was on Sexual Abuses on Minors by the Catholic Priests in the Philippine Context.

Fr. Jean Marcel Noumeni (a Cameroonian belonging to the Saint Joseph Quasi Province) and Fr. Herbert Magbuo (a Filipino belonging to the Saint Matthew Province) completed their Licentiate in Spiritual Theology with specialization in the Formation to Priesthood and Religious Life at the Peter Favre Center of the Gregorian Pontifical University. Both wrote a thesis related to the Rogationist formation program in their respective Circumscriptions. Fr. Noumeni’s thesis was on the L’enjeu de l’integration dans la formation a l’identite personnelle et vocationannelle chez les Rogationnistes en formation dans la Quasi-Province Saint Joseph. Instead, Fr. Magbuo wrote on An Assessment of the Rogationist Charismatic Understanding of the Religious in the Configuration Stage (Novitiate - Temporary Profession) of Formation in the Rogationist Saint Matthew Province Using the Tenets of the Charismatic Identity.

All three are now assigned in their respective ministries and tasks.

Fr. Magbuo RCJ with his professors at the Gregorian University after the thesis defense.