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October 22, 2020 Priestly Ordination of Rev. Prabin R S

Rev. Prabin R S was ordained a priest by Bishop Vincent Samuvel held at the Bishop’s Residence of Latin Diocese of Neyyatikara. Since this area is highly affected with Covid-19 pandemic, only thirty people physically joined the celebration. On the following Sunday Fr. Prabin celebrated his first Thanksgiving Mass in his native Parish Church in Vellarada.

Priestly Ordination of Rev. Albin Thoppil

‘You are a priest forever, in the line of Melchizedek’ (psalm 110, 4) St. Thomas quasi province gladly rejoices over God’s bountiful blessing for one more new priest for the Congregation from Thoppil Family. Today, on the feast of St.Teresa of Child Jesus, (01/10/2020) His Grace Bishop Tony Neelankavil, Auxiliary bishop of Thrissur archdiocese, ordained Rev. Albin Thoppil to the Sacred Order of Priesthood.

Priestly Ordination of Rev. Anish Nellithanathuprambil

Harvest Master continues to shower his bountiful blessing to St. Thomas Quasi Province. Today, on the feast of the Archangels Michel, Gabriel and Raphael, (29/9/2020) His Grace Bishop Joseph Porumthottam (Archbishop of Chenganassery) ordained Rev. Anish Nellithanathuprambil to the Sacred Order of Priesthood.

In this splendid event, due to Covid 19 social restrictions, only few people could participate the celebration, which was held solemnly at his own native parish of Christ the King Church, Ettumanoor.  

St. Thomas Quasi-Province – Priestly Ordination an First Holy Mass

September 8, 2020 Priestly Ordination of Rev. Rinish Arackaparambil.

Due to the pandemic Covid 19 issues and social restrictions, Priestly Ordination of Rev.Rinish Arackaparambil will be held at Rogate Ashram Chapel. Bishop Emeritus his Grace Mathew Vaniakizhakkel VC will ordain him to the Sacred Order of Priesthood. Only 40 people will be allowed to participate in this long awaited graceful celebration.

September 29, 2020 Priestly Ordination of Rev. Anish Nellithanathuparambil

Happy Onam 2020

August 31, 2020 the people of Kerala, India celebrated the Onam festival. Onam is an annual harvest festival celebrated by people of Kerala irrespective of religion. According to legends, the festival is celebrated to commemorate King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam. Onam is a major annual event for Malayali people in and outside Kerala.  All our Rogationist communities in a limited way celebrated the Onam festival.

St. Thomas Quasi Provinces - New Novices and Religious; Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows - Rogate Ashram, Aluva.
First Profession - Novitiate House, Meenangady.
Neo professed - Novitiate House, Meenangady.
New novices - Novitiate House, Meenangady.

June 1: First profession of 5 Novices, entrance to the Novitiate of 4 Postulants, and renewal of vows of 27 Religious

July 3, 2020 Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle of India and the Sacred Ordination to Diaconate.

On this auspicious feast day of St. Thomas, the Apostle and the Patron of St.Thomas Quasi Province India, all the members of STQP gladly rejoices over God’s gracious blessings. Today, Bishop Emeritus Mar Mathew Vaniyekizhakkel VC, through the laying of his hands ordained Bros. Libin Machingal and Dinu Konnankudy to the Sacred Order of Diaconate. Due to Covid 19 pandemic issues, the simple celebration was done at Rogate Ashram Chapel at 7 am without the participation of anyone from outside of our religious communities. Major Superior, Fr.Joby Kavungal and Rogate Ashram Superior Fr.

Feast of St. Hannibal and First Profession, Entrance to the Novitiate and Renewal of vows

01-06-2020 - St.Thomas Quasi Province gladly rejoices over God’s gracious blessings and gives thanks to the Master of the Harvest for the gift of First profession of 5 Novices             (Albert Thayyil, AmalAntony Perinchery, Jibin Pakathukunnel, Nikhil Kallugalthazhe, Tiljo Chollampuzha), entrance of 3 postulants to the Novitiate and the renewal of vows of 32 religious students. The entrance to the Novitiate and first profession took place at Gurudharsan Novitiate House, Meenangadi while renewal of vows took place in different places due to Covid 19 social distancing.

Ongoing formation for all priests of the Quasi Province

                  The Quasi Province of St. Thomas has organized for 2020 three ongoing formation courses for all priests divided into age groups: January 7-8 for those in their 1-5 years of priesthood, and January 10-11 for those in their 6-10 year of ministry. In November, those in their 11thyear of priesthood and above will have their ongoing formation. Fr. Jose Maria Ezpeleta, Councilor General in charge of Religious Life and Formation guides the courses that focused on the understanding of the ongoing formation based on the documents of the Church and the Congregation.

General Assembly of the St. Thomas Quasi Province

                  The Quasi Province of St. Thomas celebrated the General Assembly of the perpetually professed members on January 8-9, 2020 at the CST Retreat Center in Illithode, Kerala. Thirty-eight Rogationist deacons and priests attended. The main purpose of the Assembly was to approve the Directory of the Circumscription and to update the confreres about the life of the Quasi Province which is in the mid-term of the mandate of the present government. 


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